The UN Secretary-General has made innovation a priority, repeatedly highlighting the need to shift from “accidental” innovation to innovation “by design”. In doing so he called for the development of the UN Innovation Toolkit, a resource that provides actionable guidance on how to foster, scale, and accelerate innovation across the UN System. This focus on the criticality of innovation for the UN has also been underscored  by the recent Our Common Agenda report, and its attendant Quintet of Change

The United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) hosts the Toolkit, and, due to its mandate of building capacity and sharing knowledge throughout the UN System, has been entrusted to design and deliver training and insight its contextualization and mainstreaming. 

The UNSSC is proud to announce that to support these efforts, it has designed and launched the free-of-charge, online, self-paced Innovation for Impact Learning Path - available to all UN staff through its BlueLine platform - as a service to the System as we all work to " revolutionary...and embrace innovation to meet the challenges of our time".  

The UNSSC Innovation for Impact Learning Path seeks to accelerate and foster innovation in the UN system by supporting capacity development to create greater impact and enhance future resilience in the UN workforce. The Learning Path is composed of the Introduction to Innovation Learning Module, and the just released UN Innovation Toolkit Learning Module – with the ambition to support innovation efforts in the UN at all levels by offering online learning that embraces the use of digital tools and innovation frameworks and approaches. 

The e-learning programme recognizes that applied innovation is at the forefront of meeting the challenges of tomorrow and the post-COVID-19 recovery, and aims to support its transformation journey by facilitating the acquisition of relevant skills for UN staff in innovation. 

In order to celebrate this critical milestone, and to catalyze conversations on the definition, mainstreaming, and contextualization of innovation, the UNSSC is excited to be hosting a launch event on 26 May 2022 from 9:00 EDT | 15:00 CEST

The event will include opening remarks by the UNSSC Director, a detailed presentation of the Learning Path by the UNSSC Learning Portfolio Manager on Innovation, and a round table with key Champions on innovation and the UN Innovation Toolkit that have contributed to its development. 

Join us!