The Board of Governors is the Staff College’s governing body that approves its overall work programme and budget. The UNSSC Board considers ways and means of enhancing the financial resources of the Staff College, evaluates its activities and provides recommendations for its future strategic direction.

Members of the UNSSC Board

UNSSC Board Members include senior officials from the High-level Committee on Programmes (HLCP) and the High-level Committee on Management (HLCM). This is in line with the Staff College’s profile as an inter-agency institution and resource.
Board Members regularly promote the College at inter-agency gatherings throughout the UN system. Members are appointed by the Secretary General for two-year terms.


Current Membership:

Courtenay Rattray

UN Chef de Cabinet

Members (alphabetical order)
Anita Bhatia

Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director, UN Women

Winnie Byanyima

Executive Director, UNAIDS

Natalia Kanem

Executive Director, UNFPA

Catherine Pollard

USG for Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance

Raul Thomas

Assistant Director-General Business Operations, WHO

Haoliang Xu

Director, Bureau of Policy and Programme Support, UNDP

Ex-officio Members
Jafar Javan

Director, UNSSC

Nikhil Seth

Executive Director, UNITAR

Simona Petrova

Director, Chief Executives Board (CEB) Secretariat and Secretary of the CEB