A set of free specialized procurement courses designed for UN staff, both at headquarters and field locations.


Hosted on the UNSSC Blue Line platform, these procurement courses were developed by UNSSC in close cooperation with the Office of Supply Chain Management (OSCM)/UN Procurement Division and the Capacity Development Operational Training Service (CDOTS).


The new UN Procurement Campus is a unique space for free and continuous learning on UN procurement. It is designed to support management and staff involved in procurement processes.

Course methodology

After registration, participants can complete courses at their own pace.

Each course offers a combination of readily digestible knowledge units (self-paced micro-lessons) with activities that promote the consolidation of course key takeaways. Scenario-based learning exposes participants to examples, real-life challenges and tasks associated with UN procurement. .

Additionally, course participants will be able to consolidate takeaways through reflective practices and interaction with other participants via discussion forums and other activities.

Participants will get a certificate for each course completed. The course certificate will be released upon successful completion of all lessons and activities set for the specific course.

Course contents

The following online courses are available for free to all UN Staff.

Basic Procurement Courses:

  1. Overview of UN Procurement Manual
  2. Best Value for Money
  3. Ethics and Integrity of Procurement
  4. Fundamentals of Procurement

Advanced Procurement Courses:

  1. Contractual Issues in Purchasing
  2. Acquisition Planning
  3. Contract Management

The basic courses are mandatory for personnel involved in the UN procurement process. They are also mandatory for personnel entering CIPS Level 4 through the UN CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) Corporate Programme.

The basic and advanced courses are mandatory for all UN procurement practitioners and for personnel with procurement "Delegation of Authority”.

Target audience

UN personnel at all levels.

Cost of participation

Free for UN staff