This 5-week online workshop provides comprehensive, hands-on experience in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools into elearning design. Participants engage in a series of interactive sessions and practical activities aimed at understanding, exploring, and applying AI technologies to enhance learning content, tailor learning experiences, and streamline assessment processes.


This online hands-on workshop provides participants with an innovative and transformative learning experience: 'Leveraging AI Tools in Elearning Design.'

As learning and training evolve, the integration of technology becomes increasingly crucial. This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, providing participants with the tools and skills necessary to revolutionize their elearning design using AI.

Throughout this workshop, participants engage in interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and collaborative projects. Participants explore how AI can personalize learning experiences, automate administrative tasks, and provide insights into the learning process that were previously unattainable. From AI-assisted content enhancement to creating adaptive assessments, this workshop covers a comprehensive range of applications.

But it's not just about the technology, ethical considerations, challenges, and responsible use of AI in learning and training are integral parts of the curriculum. Participants leave this workshop not only with a deeper understanding of AI tools but also with a ready-to-implement plan for integrating these technologies into their elearning design practices.


By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

Analyse and Apply Fundamental AI Concepts:

  • Analyse the key principles of AI and its applications in -learning.
  • Apply AI strategies to enhance learning and teaching methodologies.

Create and Customize AI-Enhanced Content:

  • Utilize AI-driven tools to generate innovative educational content.
  • Customize interactive and adaptive learning materials tailored to diverse learning needs

Automate Assessments and Feedback with AI:

  • Implement AI solutions to automate and streamline assessments.
  • Provide real-time, personalized feedback using AI-based mechanisms.

Develop AI-Integrated E-Learning Projects:

  • Formulate and execute plans for integrating AI into elearning projects.
  • Complete a capstone project demonstrating practical AI applications in elearning.
Course methodology

The instructional methodology for this workshop is designed to foster an immersive, interactive, and practical learning experience. The approach is multi-faceted, incorporating various teaching techniques tailored to effectively integrate AI tools into course design.

Key components of the methodology include:

  • Interactive Learning: The workshop emphasized hands-on learning with active participation in exploring and using AI tools.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Participants collaborated on projects, fostering a community of practice and sharing diverse perspectives.
  • Practical Application: The focus on real-world application enables participants to directly apply their learning to their educational contexts.

Each week, a 3.5 hour live hands-on workshop session will take place. Thereafter, participants will need an additional 2.5 hours to complete their assignment and exercises. In total, participants will need about 6 hours per week.

Course contents

Week 1: Introduction to AI in E-Learning

Hands-On Session: Exploring AI Tools

Participants explore various AI tolols suitable performing the tasks at each phase of ADDIE instructional design model for three different types of content provisons from subject matter experts

Participants design a plan for an elearning project that will be used throughout the course for integrating various AI tools discussed during the course

Week 2: AI Tools for Content Creation and Elearning Storyboard Development

Hands-On Session: AI-Driven Content Generation

Participants use AI writing tools to create draft learning materials and storyboard for authoring in Articulate RISE.

Hands-On Session: Interactive Content Creation

Participants design an interactive learning module (like a branching scenario) using AI tools.

Week 3: AI Tools for Multimedia in E-Learning Design

Participants work with appropriate AI tools for text-to-graphics and text-to-video for use in elearning module development.

Participants integrate the visuals and videos generated by the AI tools into Articulate RISE

Week 4: AI in Assessment and Feedback

Hands-On Session: AI-Based Assessment Design

Participants design and implement AI-generated assessments tailored to learning objectives.

Week 5: Implementing AI in Your E-Learning Projects

Hands-On Session: Project Presentation and Feedback

Participants present their projects, receive feedback, and engage in a peer-review process.


Each session is designed to be interactive and project-focused, ensuring that participants not only learn about AI tools but also gain practical experience in applying them to real-world elearning scenarios.

Target audience

Trainers, Course designers, Instructional designer, Staff Development Officers, and anyone

Cost of participation

USD 1,100