This leadership series, a collaboration between the Staff College and the Group of Women Leaders Voices for Change and Inclusion (GWL-Voices) is a platform giving greater visibility to women leaders who are spearheading public discourse and addressing global challenges. The UN is a champion of gender equality and women’s empowerment and we invite current and aspiring activists to join a movement to amplify #WomensVoicesForanEqualFuture.

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women's voices for an equal future - our why
Our why

In spite of abundant evidence that gender equality is important in public and private spheres, an overwhelming majority of women’s voices are often marginalized. This phenomenon continues to significantly hamper the ability of women to contribute meaningfully in dialogues about the world’s future. In the face of the challenges presented by COVID-19 change is needed now more than ever.

To create a sustainable, just and equitable world we need diverse and innovative initiatives to transform societies, protect environments and strengthen economies. Central to such changes are women. Women are often at the forefront of sharing and re-framing new analysis of global issues. We want to work with you to protect and amplify women’s voices by giving their opinions more visibility and reach.

women's voices for an equal future - our story
Our story

To achieve these goals we have brought together articles drawing on the diverse yet shared experiences and perspectives of women leaders in different fields. It is our hope that this compilation of essays will not only to impart insights on the importance of women as multilateral actors, but also act as a call to action for tomorrow’s women’s leaders and advocates.

Susana Malcorra

“Leadership challenges in a COVID-19 environment”

The global pandemic is disrupting life for women across the globe. There needs to be a harmonized response by world leaders.

Angela Kane

“Show me the Progress: Women in Diplomacy and International Affairs Resolution 1325 and Beyond”

Though much has been achieved by the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), much still needs to be done.

Rebeca Grynspan

“Women's Economic Empowerment, a driving force for accelerated and inclusive post covid-19 economic recovery in Ibero-America”

We need to focus on the gender gap in Latin America and address women’s economic empowerment in order to spur recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Maria Eugenia Brizuela de Avila, Purnima Mane, Fatiha Serour

“Celebrating women’s leadership: women of substance and resilience: A collection of Short Stories”

A collection of inspiring short stories celebrating women’s resilience in El Salvador, India and North Sudan.

Isabel de Saint Malo

“Governance in Latin America in the face of COVID-19”

Could regional cooperation, a shared sense of responsibility, and good governance be the answer to addressing the COVID-19 crisis?


“On International Women’s Day, let’s think about the future we want and that society needs”

We have seen how fast global prioritization and cooperation can work. Like vaccine development, countries must now fast-track actions to increase women’s participation in leadership and decision making.

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Watch the replay

How can we amplify women’s voices to ensure an equal future for all? Recently, a panel of eight dynamic  women leaders answered this question at the Women’s Voices For An Equal Future, a virtual event streamed live on YouTube. Watch the replay below:

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Media gallery