Our Journey
Our Journey

2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations Emerging Leaders programme!

A  Programme that seeks to promote and support the managerial and leadership culture transformation formalized in the UN System Leadership Framework, by strengthening participants’ capability to fulfill their roles as managers and leaders. Attracting committed individuals who will drive fast and efficient change while leading from where they sit in the UN System.

From its early beginning as   an open-enrollment platform, where participants were nominated or enrolled themselves independently, UNSSC now hosts tailor-made learning journeys for UN organizations such as the Economic Commission for Africa, the International Labour Organization, and the United Nations Office of Project Services. The programme continues to innovate and adapt new ways of guiding mid-level leaders to success.

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Key Numbers
Key Numbers
Over 1050 Alumni
e-Learning began in 2020
7 Online Editions
88 Agencies
Mohammed AlAbdulwahid
UNHCR Saudi Arabia

An excellent course to equip you with the necessary tools to advance your career, highly recommended!

Evelyn Imalingat
UNMISS South Sudan

The UN system leadership programme exceeded expectations. It offered a transformative learning experience that really helped me develop my style of leadership to better navigate in today's UN framework.

Dilkushi Poovendran
WHO Switzerland

This course has equipped me with very practical skills that I can apply directly to my role. I have been impressed by the content, the quality of facilitation, and the engagement with all my peers during our networking sessions. This experience and the people that I met during the course has made me feel privileged and proud of being part of the UN. I've left the programme feeling inspired by the examples of passionate, thoughtful leadership.

Eiman Elmasry

This course magically bundled all factors of learning success! A highly professional dedicated team, speakers and resource persons selected with extreme care and attention, a huge amount of learning resources, motivated peers that you can immediately relate to and connect with.

Thank you, UNSSC colleagues for putting this together!

Sharmila Lareef-Jah
WHO The Gambia

Simply put, the UN Emerging Leadership program is THE game-changer. It changed my life in multiple ways and has provided me with invaluable knowledge, skills, and competencies to use in both my professional and personal life. Upward and onwards!

Dr Arun Kumar
WHO India

This is an excellent training program on leadership skills. The six weeks period passes like a fairytale. An offline mode can be more appropriate since routine office work affects the online learning.

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