Blue Line – A Global Learning Hub designed by the UN, for the UN.

Blue Line is a learning ecosystem created  by the UN System Staff College with a precise ambition: to be a unique and global learning hub open to all UN personnel for personalized and self-directed learning.

By joining the Blue Line, you can:

  1. Select from a growing number of curated online modules on key topics and earn specialized badges and certificates.
  2. Access a set of free online tools and courses developed in collaboration with other UN agencies.
  3. Create a personal learning plan tailored to your own needs, interests and ambitions, and continuously track your progress.
  4. Achieve your learning and development goals at your own pace while engaging with a community of fellow UN colleagues from across the system.

Blue Line is designed by the UN, for the UN. The content and activities on Blue Line are specifically tailored to the work of UN colleagues and new learning products are added to the platform regularly based on emerging trends within the UN system.


Our curated collection of 50+ online modules and an array of specialized certification paths.

Available to UN colleagues through an individual or corporate subscription to the Extended E-Certificate in Leadership and Management.

Open UN

Our growing selection of free courses and learning paths on a broad range of topics of interest to the UN.

Accessible to all UN colleagues with a UN email address.


An evolving collection of downloadable tools created in collaboration with teams from across the UN system based on real-life experiences and lessons learned.  

Powered by UN colleagues, for UN colleagues and freely available to all UN personnel.

Stories from the Blue Line Community
Stories from the Blue Line Community