Poverty. Rising inequalities. Climate change. Increasing global health threats. These are but a few of the challenges the world is facing today. Now the world has an opportunity to end poverty, promote peace and save the planet. To make this happen, people need to come together, further their knowledge in order to foster a better world. Because people, working together with the right knowledge can achieve remarkable things.

In this effort, UNSSC has played a convening role, joining together the UN system and partners to advance the knowledge and drive innovation for a better world. We have helped stakeholders co-create solutions for people and planet. Delivering vital lifelong learning opportunities to give professionals an opportunity to reflect, learn, innovate and deliver results.

To reflect our role and ethos, we are launching a refreshed branding that more accurately captures the energy with which we approach our mission. Based on interviews with partners and clients, it reflects our core values and aspirations as we seek to strengthen our commitment and dedication to driving learning and training across the United Nations and beyond.



Through this process we discovered some unique and compelling elements to build on our approach, values, brand personality, logo, and visual identity.

rebranding - Our approach
The UNSSC way- approach, values, brand personality

Our approach to learning programmes is demand-driven. In addition to our fee-based and open-enrolment courses, we offer tailored learning and training suited to the needs of our partners and stakeholders. Our faculty consist of leaders with diverse backgrounds who help our learning participants become well-rounded problem-solvers. Learning programmes are delivered through a combination of academic leaders, subject-matter experts and trainers, and experienced practitioners, including senior UN officials.

Our uniqueness sets us apart.
  • We belong to the United Nations and understand the needs of the UN system.
  • We partner with organizations, governments, and the private sector to co-create learning solutions addressing defined learning goals.
  • We serve as conveners, connecting personnel across the UN system as well as partners and stakeholders, to foster knowledge sharing and to drive action
  • Our learning experiences offer exceptional networking opportunities. Participants are immersed in a community of peers who share a commitment to understanding and solving global, regional, and national challenges.
  • No matter the setting – online, face-to-face or blended – our learning experiences inspire people to action, putting their learning into practice.
Our values and brand personality
Values & Brand Personality

We are empathetic. We are inspirational. We are agile. We are creative. We are innovative. We care.

The new UNSSC Logo: a mix of tradition and novelty

We maintained UNSSC’s iconic logo, and redesigned the typeface for legibility and balance. Our new logo elevates key elements to expand our brand across platforms and different contexts.


Our new logo


rebranding - Visual Identity
Visual Identity

Our new visual identity recognizes the forward-thinking spirit of innovation embodied by our clients, partners, faculty, alumni, staff and donors. It introduces new components that will be rolled out across our merchandise to reinforce our positioning.

rebranding - Visual Identity

We are excited to see our story and visual identity unfold across different learning and knowledge exchange activities, and all our communications and marketing touch points. To capture our messaging and visual identity, we have created a brand book with more information on the branding refresh. The book is available for all who want to learn more about how to partner with us on this new journey.

Message from the Director

News Article

Discover more in our brand book
rebranding - Visual Identity
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