Watch this informative Trend Talk session on the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) - a comprehensive dataset that measures governance performance in 54 African countries. The IIAG has been in operation since 2007, providing a framework and dashboard for interested parties to assess the delivery of public goods and services, and public policy outcomes in African countries.

Recently, IIAG underwent a thorough review between 2018 and 2020, resulting in a completely re-worked framework. This has made IIAG the most robust and comprehensive dataset on African governance, with nearly 90% of the indicators based on multiple sources or variables, mitigating the ‘one source or variable bias’. Additionally, composite scores constitute a key added value of the new IIAG dataset.

In this Trend Talk, we discussed the IIAG framework, how to interpret results, and learn key lessons from our expert, Emilia Siwingwa, Founder of the African Hub for Accountability and Development Initiatives, and Focus Group Member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. We also explored the importance of citizen assessments and how they complement the IIAG results, providing a better understanding of governance on the ground.