Science diplomacy has become increasingly important in international policy-making and diplomacy. Recently, high-level political negotiations have been assisted by top scientists and academics, highlighting the crucial role that science plays in addressing global challenges such as poverty, climate change, public health emergencies and the digital divide, for example.

To further explore the potential of science and technology to create a sustainable and inclusive future, the UN Summer Academy Trend Talk is featuring Maricela Muñoz, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA). Maricela discussed how GESDA brings together different communities, including academic, diplomatic, impact, and citizens, to jointly anticipate technological and scientific advancements and develop solution ideas for current and future challenges.

In this Trend Talk, Maricela introduced one of GESDA's innovative tools the Science Breakthrough Radar and the Anticipatory Situation Room methodology, which are specifically designed to support collective engagement and effective multilateralism by anticipating potential impacts of technological and scientific developments.