In line with its continuous efforts to mainstream innovation across the UN system, the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) is set to lead the World Food Forum (WFF) Fostering Innovation through the UN Innovation Toolkit learning event on Thursday 28 April (15.00 CEST). The event is organized in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Trade Organization (UNWTO), and Accenture Interactive. It is targeted to all 18- to 35-year-olds who are keen to gain insights on a tool that supports agile, collaborative innovation through easy-to-follow approaches.

Speaking ahead of the event, the UNSSC’s Learning Portfolio Manager, Berin McKenzie, said: “The UN Innovation Toolkit has a wealth of resources that in the words of the UN Secretary General, can help us move from ‘accidental’ innovation to innovation ‘by design’. The upcoming learning event is a great way to share knowledge on capabilities for innovation, strategic foresight, behavioral science, data and results for innovation. I am particularly excited about engaging with a new generation of leaders on the utilization and contextualization of the UN Innovation Toolkit.”

The event is designed to bring together like-minded innovators, and the UNSSC will showcase the five foundational elements of the Toolkit which are seen as crucial to innovation - Strategy,  Partnerships, Architecture, Culture and Evaluation (the “SPACE Model”).

Panelists include Dominik Ziller, Vice-President, IFAD; Berin McKenzie, Learning Portfolio Manager, UNSSC; Natalia Bayona, Director of the Innovation, Education, and Investments Department, UNWTO; Luis Navas Bravo, Senior Manager, Human Centered Design, Innovation & Culture, Accenture Interactive; Fernando Gómez Gavarrón, Digital Transformation Manager, Accenture Interactive; and Paula de Blas Gonzalez, Innovation Associate Fellow, UNSSC.

The event will have a participatory approach, and each of the panelists will share their perspective on the UN Innovation Toolkit.

To register for the Fostering Innovation through the UN Innovation Toolkit learning event, please do so here

UN System Staff College Hosts Innovation Toolkit Webinar to Foster Innovation