The newly appointed UN Chef de Cabinet, Mr. Edmond Mulet chaired on Friday, 22 January 2016, the 16th session of the UNSSC Board of Governors.

During the session, the Board approved the College’s 2016–2017 Corporate Action Plan and Programme Budget and noted that it fully responds to the demands expressed by the UN system and Member States to equip UN staff with the appropriate knowledge and skills in support of the new Sustainable Development Agenda. It was highlighted that the College is in a unique position to play a coordinating role to increase UN staff’s understanding of the linkages between different programmatic areas in support of the SDGs. In particular, the Board endorsed and praised the College for its new strategic initiative in support of organizational change and innovation in the UN system, the UN Lab for Organizational Knowledge and Change (UNLOCK), as well as its newly established Knowledge Centre in Bonn.

The Board also took note of the results achieved by the College during the past biennium. It acknowledged that predictable and long-term support across the UN system in making full use of the UNSSC services is essential to the future growth and sustainability of the College. All Members congratulated the College on the relevancy and quality of its services and expressed satisfaction with the results achieved so far.

The next full session of the Board is scheduled for December 2016.