A group of 25 United Nations officials, representing 10 different United Nations entities joined our UNSSC training team in Dakar (Senegal) at the beginning of July. They arrived from 20 different duty stations to attend the very first French edition of the highly successful UN Emerging Leaders Experience (UNELE) course.

Participants, representing a variety of functions and areas of expertise that ranged from coordination officers to humanitarian affairs experts, to financial and administrative officers, focused on defining leadership personalities and styles to be applied in multi-cultural and international settings. They also practised conflict-management and public-speaking techniques to further increase their confidence in their day-to-day work.

The course received 100% recommendation rate from participants. An encouraging start for a new version of the UNELE. Here are some of the comments from participants at the end of the 5 days:

Excellente cette expérience de leaders émergeants dans une ambiance conviviale. [Excellent emerging leaders experience, all in a friendly environment]

Equipe de formateurs passionnés et passionnants! Plein de petites choses simples à appliquer ont été apprises. Merci! Très utile et agréable. [Passionate and motivating trainers and facilitators! I managed to learn many small things that are easy to apply. Thank you! Very useful and pleasant.

Ce cours m'a ouvert a des nouvelles techniques que je croyais connaître mais que je ne maitrisais pas. Le cours m’a amené des solutions à des situations réelles où je vais utiliser les sujets appris. Très relevant pour toute personne qui supervise une équipe. [This course showed me many techniques I was aware of but I was not able to master. The course revealed solutions to real situations to which I will apply what I’ve learnt. It is very relevant for people managing teams]. 

Cette formation a permis de connaitre mes points forts et faibles en ce qui concerne mon leadership. Il m’a boosté pour améliorer mes compétences et être motivé dans ce que je vais entreprendre pour être un leader. [This course allowed me to be aware of my leadership strengths and weaknesses. It motivated me to improve my competencies and showed me a path to be a leader]

Très bonne initiative pour l'ensemble du système des Nations Unies. Cette formation est la bienvenue, elle me permettra d'apporter un plus dans mon organisation [Very nice initiative within the UN. This course is very welcomed, as it will allow me to give an added-value to my organisation].