December 7, 2018. The United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) was honoured to welcome Dr. Athar Sultan-Khan to their office in Turin (Italy).

Dr. Sultan-Khan met UNSSC’s staff and delivered a speech on: ‘Multilateral Diplomacy in the Current Politically Complex and High-Risk Environment.’

Considering the state of the world today with over 68.5 million people forcibly displaced by conflicts and persecution, diplomatic dialogue, mediation and consultation with all parties is the only way to resolve and prevent wars and conflicts.   

In addition, Dr. Sultan-Khan outlined the role and potentials of real diplomacy by dialogue and multilateralism to prevent and resolve conflicts in today’s world. He added that one of the lessons the past has taught us is that diplomacy takes time but it shows the best results. 

At a time when we are facing increasing political and social polarization, we need to reinvigorate multilateral diplomacy by understanding the wide spectrum of political and regional perceptions that shape our world. 

Dr. Sultan-Khan is currently Dean and Professor of International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. Prior to that he was Chef de Cabinet of UNHCR, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General, and Special Adviser to UNHCR on diplomatic matters.