The UN System Staff College has announced a new summer edition of the flagship programme, “Leadership, Women and the UN” (LWUN), following significant interest from partners and stakeholders. The recurring programme will run from 27 March to 14 July of this year, alongside the existing spring and autumn editions. This new addition will have a single cohort open to participants from the Africa, Americas, and Europe time zones, ensuring a uniform distribution of participants across all editions.

The LWUN programme is designed to provide a transformational leadership journey for P4-P5 level women leaders within the UN system, offering a dynamic and participatory online learning environment while mirroring face-to-face interaction.  Spanning four months, the programme  will include preliminary, core, and consolidation phases, providing a well-rounded learning experience for participants. The core phase will last eight weeks, offering virtual sessions with expert faculty and the opportunity to build a supportive community of fellow leaders.

The programme will assist participants in developing a deeper understanding of their personal-professional aspirations and planning their career trajectory. Participants will have access to assessments like the UN 360-Leadership Assessment and the DiSC personality report, which will provide them with personal insights and help them with devising their own action plans. The programme also offers individualized coaching sessions to support participants in achieving their career and life goals.

To promote the continuation of this transformational journey, there is also the opportunity for women leaders in the UN system to become part of a larger global alumnae community, that fosters and mentors a leadership mindset in women.  The LWUN programme has already gained significant interest, and the addition of the new summer edition is expected to increase its accessibility and reach. Participants will benefit from a flexible, dynamic, and engaging learning experience, allowing them to develop critical skills and grow as leaders in and outside of the UN system.

The UN System Staff College is committed to enhancing online learning and will continue to leverage the possibilities of online learning to provide a high-quality programme experience.