As an organization committed to the global fight to end impunity and achieve justice, the ICC is constantly in search of solutions that will help it accomplish its mission more effectively. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with the UN and its agencies.

This was no different when we sought solutions to align our leadership development training needs to the organization’s priorities.

Addressing leadership development needs  

ICC’s learning development strategy has a specific focus on continuous growth and aims to enable a high-performing, forward-looking organization, capable of making a positive difference. Following staff requests in 2018, we recognized the need to invest in the advancement our personnel’s leadership and managerial skills. We set up leadership development as a key objective in our 2019 –2021 strategic plan, and were well on our way to accelerating skills development. 

Contextualizing learning  

As a dedicated global learning hub for the UN and its partner organizations, the United Nations System Staff College’s (UNSSC) Blue Line platform offered the learning tools and opportunities we needed to put our leadership development plan into action.   Being a partner organization of the UN system, ICC shares similar challenges with many UN entities, which is why we find great value in our staff building their network within the UN system. Partnering with the UNSSC team would allow us to make use of contextual learning activities, and embed our leadership training in contexts that ICC staff are familiar with, thus making them more adept at assimilating their learning. We decided to sign a three-year collaboration agreement with  UNSSC , providing our staff with access to two subscription-based programmes, namely the UN System Executive Management Programme, and the Extended E-Certificate on Leadership and Management, as well as other free learning resources and tools available to UN personnel on the platform.

The Blue Line learning experience   

The programmes on the Blue Line platform equip staff with the practical tools and knowledge to address complex issues, lead changes and increase their impact within and outside the organization. Each module delivers insights, techniques, tips and guidance on topics relevant to their work. They also encourage self-reflection to further improve their current practices. As a learning platform that is designed to foster professional development through modern training and knowledge dissemination, the Blue Line allows staff to integrate the learning process into their work routine by providing immense flexibility and options for personalization. The opportunity to connect with peers in the UN network and provide mutual support in each other’s learning journeys is invaluable. It allows staff to gain insight into UN colleagues’ perspectives on leadership, and helps foster one of the most important competencies in ICC’s leadership framework – collaboration.

Beyond the platform: A Trusted Partner

Our partnership with UNSSC provides additional benefits. With many of us working virtually, getting staff to commit to online learning is not always a simple task. For some colleagues, the process is not linear which sometimes makes it challenging to stay on track. Fortunately, the UNSSC team is open to dialogue, and is fully committed to providing staff with support and continuous guidance throughout their learning journey. From updating staff with regular communications, to running helpdesks and altering learning tools and content based on feedback received by participants - the team has moved from being a provider to our trusted training partner. This has helped us ensure that no one is left behind and that our learning development targets are achieved.

At the height of the pandemic the UNSSC team never ceased to come up with solutions to re-engage users. Programmes were made more interactive through webinars with speakers and peers - inspiring users to collaborate and keep up with their learning. These and other adjustments have ultimately helped staff develop a personal learning habit, maximizing our investment in learning initiatives. We are now on the right track to achieving our development objectives within the planned scope.

Learning as a journey  

Throughout our two-year collaboration with the UNSSC, we have learned one valuable lesson-learning is a journey.

Our staff’s journey has certainly been enriched by the unique opportunity to learn alongside UN colleagues, sharing ideas, receiving feedback and exchanging perspectives. As the UNSSC continues to integrate user feedback and needs into every aspect of their programmes, we cannot wait for our next group of learners to embark on their learning journey towards professional and operational excellence

About Stories from the Line

Stories from the Line is a blog series created with the intent to share individual and organizational stories about learning experiences on the UNSSC's Blue Line platform.