This is the first United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) online event to examine the adoption and mainstreaming of the United Nations Innovation Toolkit. It is delivered in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and will take place on Thursday, November 19th from 13:00 to 14:00 (CET).

Entitled “Live with IFAD on the UN Innovation Toolkit – How to foster innovation to meet the challenges of tomorrow?” the event  brings together attendees from across the UN system,  as well as UNSSC and IFAD representatives who will share their insights and experiences about how they have contextualized and  incorporated the UN Innovation Toolkit to advance internal readiness for innovation.

In the form of a moderated panel interview, participants will be presented with insider accounts from IFAD Innovation Champions outlining:

  • - The relevance of the UN Innovation Toolkit to their organizational mandate;
  • - How they worked to internalize the results of the Toolkit Diagnostic element; and
  • - How they engaged with the practical facets of the Tools included.

The one hour event includes an informational session followed by a panel discussion, and a Q&A.  Anyone with a United Nations email address is able to join  the discussion which will take place on UNSSC’s Zoom webinar platform.

Regardless of the challenge, the UN Innovation Toolkit is designed to help the United Nations stimulate and maintain innovation. The conversation with IFAD is set to give insight on how we can contextualize and bring innovation to unprecedented levels - levels that allow us to meet the challenges of our time.


Gladys H Morales

Senior Innovation Consultant, Change Delivery and Innovation Unit, IFAD
Dina Saleh

Regional Director, Near East, North Africa and Europe Division, Programme Management Department, IFAD

Athur Mabiso

Senior Economist, Research and Impact Assessment Division. IFAD Innovation Challenge Winner
Alessandra Garbero

Senior Econometrician, Research and Impact Assessment Division. IFAD Innovation Challenge Winner

Juan Jose Leguia

Regional Specialist, West and Central Africa Division. Team Leader Behavioral Sciences Working Group, IFAD
Leon Williams

Senior Partnership Officer, Replenishment, Global Engagement, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Division, IFAD

Nerina Muzurovic

Knowledge Management and Grants Officer, Sustainable Production, Markets and Institutions Division, IFAD
Berkis Patricia Perez

Senior Security Officer, Manager HQ Security and Transportation Operations, Administrative Services Division, IFAD