As UN personnel, are you looking to unleash your potential as an innovator and join the UNSSC Innovation Springboard Programme?

Are you curious about innovation and eager to learn more?

Our expert team invites you to an open-house webinar to address all of your questions! 

Join our Open House Webinar on Tuesday 27 June 2023 at 8:00 - 9:00 EDT | 14:00 - 15:00 CEST | 20:00 - 21:00 ICT (check event time in other time zones), to: 

  • Hear from our alumni, expert trainers and learn more about the course content and structure; 
  • Ask questions and receive answers in real-time; 
  • Meet other potential participants and network with UN System colleagues; 
  • Gain a better understanding of the benefits of the UNSSC Innovation Springboard Programme and how it can help you in your career. 

About the programme

Embark on a transformative eight-week journey with the UNSSC Innovation Springboard Programme, taking place from 10 October to 05 December 2023. This unique programme allows you to identify and work on a real-life innovation case within your sphere of influence. With the guidance of expert Facilitators, Live Webinars, Peer-Coaching Sessions, Assignments with personalized feedback, coupled with access to a moderated discussion forum, resource materials and optional self-paced modules, you will mold your innovation case and hone your innovation skills. 

In this Programme, you will be exposed to the following content:  

Week 1: Introduction and Orientation  

  • Get to know the programme, your resource persons and peers!  

Week 2: Innovation and the UN Innovation Toolkit  

  • Outline innovation and its differing types in your context;  
  • Engage with the UN Innovation Toolkit: 21 tools, worksheets, and case studies; 
  • Identify your readiness to innovate through an assessment;  

Week 3: Creating an Enabling Environment  

  • Examine psychological safety that is critical to drive innovation;  
  • Clarify how to cultivate a learning-from-failure culture;  
  • Learn how to encourage creativity; 

Week 4: Behavioural Insights (UNSSC Innovation Model I)  

  • Identify which specific behavioural outcome you’re designing for;  
  • Apply behavioural insights to define actions that may influence the uptake of your innovation;  

Week 5: Design Thinking (UNSSC Innovation Model II)  

  • Ensure solutions are being developing to reflect the needs of end-users;  
  • Explore idea sourcing techniques; 

Week 6: Test and Experiment Design (UNSSC Innovation Model III)  

  • Analyse how to design and run experiments or research for learning loops;  
  • Explore how to frame your experiments and research as questions;  

Week 7: Innovation Storytelling and Pitch (UNSSC Innovation Model IV)  

  • Select the right types of communication approaches for various stakeholders to gain buy-in and make more strategic decisions;  

Week 8: Embracing Transition and Change for Innovation 

  • Outline the processes and potential challenges of transition and change when implementing an innovation;  
  • Discuss the types of resistance, how they show up and why, and what you can do to mitigate them. 

In short, the focus of this programme is to provide concrete skills, guidance and tools to make innovation replicable, sustainable, and embedded as way of working and culture: to become simply, the way we do things.  

Want to Learn More? 

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