A brand-new set of learning modules on pension-related topics specifically designed for UN staff, both at headquarters and field locations. 


Hosted in UNSSC's Blue Line platform, these new online modules were developed by UNSSC in close cooperation with the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF).


This new set of modules offers a unique resource to understand, plan and benefit from the service of the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF) and related pension scheme.

Participants, retirees and beneficiaries will be able to understand the UNJSPF pension plan, their rights options and obligations.

HR, Pension partners of the UN Family and Staff Pension Committees (SPC) Secretariats of Agency Member Organizations will particularly benefit by completing the whole UNJSPF track, as it offers substantial guidance on key practices and procedures that need to be in place for retirees and beneficiaries in your organization.

Course methodology

After registration, participants can start and complete courses and activities at their own pace. 

Each course offers a combination of small knowledge units (self-paced micro-lessons) with activities that promote the consolidation and reflection on course key takeaways. 

Additionally, course participants will be able to consolidate takeaways through reflective practices and interaction with other participants via discussion forums, and other activities. 

Participants will get a certificate for each course completed. The course certificate will be released upon successful completion of all lessons and activities set for the specific course. 

Course contents

The following online courses are available for free to all UN Staff:

Introductory modules:

  • Module 1: Participation Essentials
  • Module 2: Benefits and Separation Essentials
  • Module 3: Essentials for Retirees and Beneficiaries

Specialized modules:

  • Module 4: Participation
  • Module 5: Contributions
  • Module 6: Contributory Service Purchase: Validation, Restoration, Transfer-in
  • Module 7: Overview of Benefit Calculation (Withdrawal Settlement, Deferment of Choice, Residual Settlement)
  • Module 8: Retirement Benefits
  • Module 9: Dependents and Survivors benefits
  • Module 10: Separation Process 

Open to all:

  • Module 11: The Two-track
Target audience

Modules 1 3 and 11 are targeted to UNJSPF participants, beneficiaries and member organizations.

Modules 4 – 10 are open to all UN staff, but are specifically targeted to HR, Pension partners of the UN Family and Staff Pension Committees (SPC) Secretariats of Agency Member Organizations.-

Cost of participation

Free for UN staff