Sharpen your skills to navigate change with your team(s) with this course for people managers. Gain a deep understanding of your role in managing change, assess your team’s readiness for change and create a support strategy that works for you and your team.  


People managers are in a challenging position during transformation; Our training recognizes the significant pressure you are under to balance the drive for organizational results with the expectations and needs of your team. This programme offers both concrete tools and practices as well as a space for reflection and resolution of dilemmas when leading your team through change. 


Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be able to: 

  1. Articulate the benefits of effective change management to deliver transformation 
  2. Analyze what change means for people, processes and programmes 
  3. Define the role(s) of managers in driving successful change initiatives  
  4. Assess their own and their team’s change readiness, risks and opportunities  
  5. Explore how to work with resistance to change 
  6. Adopt effective practices and tools to address the criticality of stakeholder engagement, communication and team support 
  7. Develop an action plan to move change and transition with their team 
Course methodology

The training is delivered through hands-on virtual workshops. It allows time for peer-learning with exercises and group work. Case studies and best practices allow the application of learning to real-life situations. Participants can apply workshop concepts to cases or their ‘change’ situations. The design facilitates the transfer of learning to the workplace with the help of practical tools and templates. 

Course contents

This course covers the following topics: 

  1. Benefits and measurements of effective change management 
  2. Effective change roles and practices of people managers 
  3. Assessing the impact of change on the team, programmes and processes 
  4. Strategies and actions to improve the team’s change readiness  
  5. Resourceful work with resistance 
  6. Compelling change communication and meaningful staff engagement 
  7. Individual strategies and actions for life changes of participants 


Target audience

The course is for people managers who are looking for practical guidance on how to lead their teams through change. It is offered on demand for individual agencies and can also be run as a one-day face-to-face training – please get in touch with us for additional details and pricing:

Cost of participation

The course fee of $750 includes all dedicated materials and webinars.