The UN Knowledge Campus (UNKampus) is the main gateway to the Staff College’s virtual campus. Like any physical campus, our virtual campus is structured around different areas, each providing access to a cluster of specialised e-learning, blended and continued learning offerings.

Feel free to visit each area to discover the array of learning opportunities available to UN staff!

UN Knowledge Campus

As a virtual campus, the UNKampus enables UN staff deployed around the world to overcome geographical barriers, gaining access to collaboration tools and learning material on-demand. UNKampus is the main entry point for participants in Staff College courses, learning events and knowledge sharing activities.

Access to the UNKampus is limited to alumni and participants who have registered for the Staff College’s activities. The Staff College provides specific login instructions to UN staff enrolled in its formal learning programmes and knowledge sharing events.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The Staff College is the leading institution for learning in the area of sustainable development. Amongst other offerings, the Sustainable Development cluster of the virtual campus includes the foundational course on the 2030 Agenda developed by the Staff College in partnership with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). This course explores the new elements of the Agenda 2030; how to develop and implement strategies to localize it; and the role of data in the review and follow-¬up framework. It is open to UN staff and development partners.

Leadership and Management Development Programmes

Strengthening the leadership and management competencies of UN staff is a core priority of the Staff College. Our virtual campus provides specialised clusters for blended learning, knowledge sharing and e-learning offerings in these fields.

Staff Orientation

Our virtual campus provides access to "Welcome to the UN”, a free self-paced online orientation programme for new staff across the UN system.

This course provides an overview of the key features, structures and inter-agency mechanisms through which the UN system responds to global challenges, as well as an overview of individual responsibilities and commitments staff take on when joining a UN system organisation.

Agency-Specific e-Learning Areas

The Staff College offers UN system and affiliated organizations the possibility to leverage the UNKampus to address specific blended learning and e-learning needs of their staff. Through a partnership agreement, UN organisations can enjoy dedicated environments within our virtual campus to manage global learning initiatives without incurring into the overhead costs and challenges inherent in deploying a new platform from scratch.