Can we talk about identity without fomenting division and conflict? The United Nations System Staff College has partnered with the Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation to bring you the “Unity In Difference” event on 7 December 2021 at 15:30 – 17:00 CET.

Our Story

Our work at the United Nations and beyond, requires us to interact with individuals and communities who have different identities. These identities epitomize our personal and collective characteristics. They serve as a reminder to learn to embrace our differences and respect each other.

But what is identity? Can we talk about identity through a new posture, paradigm, perspective? One that encourages all in society to celebrate their own while embracing others' rights to do the same? One that recognize the complex web of traits we all possess rather than thinking about identity in a binary way?

In order to answer these questions and tackle these complex challenges, it is necessary to start a new conversation, to create a space for an innovative and principled position, with an exploratory mindset and without preconditions.

Our Why

We believe that if we are to bring people together to tackle the problems of the 21st century - conflict, climate change, poverty, to name a few, – it is necessary to reflect on how our identities influence these different issues. The “Unity In Difference” event will bring together respected thought leaders to provide a space for collective exploration and understanding of the very nature of identity, and its implications on us, our work and policies in different domains: development, social cohesion, climate change, migration and demographics, education, welfare and social security, peace and security, and many others.