Judith Campbell

Judith Campbell works across diverse United Nations agencies and the INGO sector as a facilitator and learning specialist focusing on strategy, leadership and change management.  Earlier in her 20 years experience with the UN System, she held full-time human resources specialist and managerial positions and since then has undertaken numerous field-based facilitation and organization development assignments with UN Country Teams, Regional and Country Offices.

Judith has worked as lead facilitator for 16 UNDAF strategic prioritization workshops and also as advisor to whole agency change processes.  She became intrigued by leadership in complex organizational and political contexts and subsequently conducted research and specialized in adaptive leadership and designing processes to support sustainable organizational change.

Judith holds a masters degree in public administration from Harvard University and a specialized masters degree in change management from HEC/Oxford University.  She is working toward a certification in Advanced Coaching and OD Supervision at Ashridge Business School.