Jens P. Flanding

Dr. Flanding leads strategy and operation reforms for public, private and international organizations. He is a member of the United Nations change management peer network of the UN Laboratory for Organizational Change and Knowledge (UNLOCK), a project that is part of the Knowledge Centre for Leadership and Management (KCLM). As part of the UNLOCK peer network, he helped write the Mini-Case Study: A Cloud-based ERP Renovates Work Practices and Changes Behavior at PAHO (UNSSC, 2017). Dr. Flanding is author of The Technology Takers: Leading Change in the Digital Era (Emerald Publishers, 2018 with co-authors Genevieve M. Grabman and Sheila Q. Cox). The Technology Takers won the 2019 Axiom Business Book Award, Business Technology category – Bronze Medal. After training as an economist at Royal Holloway College and McGill University, Dr. Flanding worked as a management consultant with Deloitte in Denmark, Kenya and the UK. Dr. Flanding has master's degrees in policy and research and a doctorate in political science from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Dr. Flanding is UNSSC faculty member for designing and managing organizational change, an Advisor to PAHO/WHO and previously supported UN Environment with results-based management, functional reviews and related reforms