Dr. Roger Lipsey

Dr. Roger Lipsey's book, Hammarskjöld: A Life, published in 2013 by the University of Michigan Press, is the first major biography of Hammarskjöld in forty years. A thorough reinterpretation, it has been welcomed by reviewers across the English-speaking world and in Sweden.

At a gathering at UN headquarters launching the book and commemorating the 60th anniversary of Hammarskjöld's oath of office, Dr. Lipsey gave the keynote address and joined a panel chaired by the now retired Deputy Secretary-General, Jan Eliasson. Dr. Lipsey’s current project for an American publisher is a “Hammarskjöld Handbook”—100 pages focused on the secretary-general’s political principles and political wisdom. His website is http://www.dag-hammarskjold.net/. .