The Staff College provides integrated change management services to support UN entities in adapting to new challenges. It does this in partnership with a number of expert capacities from outside and inside the UN System, including UNDP’s Management Consulting Team.

Advisory services are part of a suite of initiatives offered under the auspices of our UN Laboratory for Organizational Change and Knowledge (UNLOCK). UNLOCK aims to enhance UN’s capacity to manage organizational change by delivering advisory and learning services that put innovation, collaboration, as well as leadership and staff engagement into practice.

Advisory services range from diagnosing and scoping UN entities’ need for organizational change to partnering with them in designing and implementing comprehensive realignment and change processes.

Tailored solutions are available to address client needs across the following service lines:

  1. Strategy: Assisting leaders with strategy development and implementation planning
  2. Organizational Design: Ensuring organizational structures and functions are aligned with and set up to deliver on organizational objectives
  3. Performance Improvement: Optimizing business processes, systems and financial and human resources
  4. Organizational Change Capability: Building capability of managers and staff to manage and implement change
  5. Analytics & Insights: Supporting decision-making by combining change management experience and analytical expertise

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