Dr Jafar Javan, Director, United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) took part in a rapid fire discussion on Leadership, Policy Innovation and Sustainability at the prestigious 69th Annual Conference of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). 

Drawing on the expertise of the UNSSC in the areas of leadership in the public sector, innovation and sustainable development, Dr Javan provided a global perspective - shedding further light on the theme of this year’s conference ‘Strong Foundations, Sustainable Futures.’

Dr Javan discussed the concept of leadership and its goals. Leadership needs to be seen as an ongoing approach to work that should be exercised by everyone, regardless of role or seniority. Only through cadres of committed change agents, can organizations transform, innovate and evolve. He further stressed that this understanding of leadership is especially critical in the current context of complex political, economic and social dynamics. The path to a more sustainable world requires a cohesive, determined and unified effort. Global economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection cannot be achieved using fragmented approaches.

The discussion, which included other internationally recognized speakers, provided an opportunity for the audience to begin framing their own vision of the Leadership, Policy Innovation & Sustainability while building connections between the topics.