UNSSC’s learning programmes are an essential element for improving climate literacy, and helping practitioners understand and address the causes and impacts of climate change.

Through courses such as, “The Paris Agreement on Climate Change as a Development Agenda”, “Climate Sensitive Programming for Sustaining Peace,” “Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda”, “UN Summer Academy”, and “Building Back Better: Strengthening capacities of Schools of Public Administration in a Post-Covid-19 World”, UNSSC advances learning to demonstrate the interlinkages and interdependencies between sustainable development, peace and security and climate change - helping UN staff and partners make more informed policy and programmatic decisions.

UNSSC commits to climate action by supporting peer learning, providing opportunities for knowledge exchange, and sharing challenges and experiences on approaches to climate change and strengthening knowledge, skill sets, and mind sets to benefit individuals, organizations, and communities in achieving their climate ambition.

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Please reach out to us via email at info@unssc.org to speak about learning opportunities, tailored learning solutions, and partnerships around climate change and climate action.

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