The United Nations System Staff College is committed not only to empowering UN staff and partners through learning – but also to building the capacity of new generations around UN values and vision.

With this in mind, we have forged partnerships with leading academic institutions to support them in developing the following world-class programmes that serve the UN and beyond.  

Master in International Development with IE University

UNSSC and IE University have embarked on an academic partnership to launch a master’s programme with a special focus on sustainable development. The one-year Master in International Development (MID) programme aims to create a conduit for the next generation of leaders and policy-makers who are equipped with key skills and competencies required to address the complex challenges highlighted by the 2030 Agenda. Designed through the lens of the 5P of the 2030 Agenda (i.e. People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships), the master’s programme will equip graduates with a mind-set that values innovation, co-creation and collaboration, preparing them to be at the vanguard of transformative change, be it within the UN or in the public or private sectors.

The curriculum has been designed jointly by the UNSSC  and IE School of Global and Public Affairs. The programme includes an immersion week in a United Nations operation where candidates will gain first-hand experience of development work being carried out within an international organisation.

For more information including how to register, click here.

MBA in Managing International Organisations with the University of Stellenbosch Business School

UNSSC and the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) co-designed this MBA with specialist modules in the management of international organisations. The programme benefits from UNSSC’s experience and network of senior UN leaders contributing to the delivery of the modules and serving as research supervisors, and builds on USB’s long history of providing top-quality academic rigour in leadership and management. The stream-specific modules and electives are co-delivered by USB and UNSSC.

The MBA stream in Managing International Organisations will equip candidates with the tools, theories and frameworks to lead successfully in a complex global environment. The programme allows insight into organisations, such as the United Nations, which play a fundamental role in shaping international business, policies, development and society.

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