As UNFPA personnel, you can now enjoy free access to all modules included in the Extended E-Certificate in Leadership and Management (eCLM) and the E-Learning Path on Data Analytics on the Blue Line Learning Hub.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and UN management reform call on UN managers to lead effective teams, implement change and strengthen the UN’s programmatic and operational capacities. 

UNSSC puts you in control of your own learning, giving you access to a continually expanding collection of modules tailor-made for personnel across the UN system. 


Upon successful completion of the programme, UNFPA participants will be able to: 

  • Create high-performing teams by motivating and coaching staff, and supporting their career development. Monitor and evaluate staff performance and address underperformance in a constructive manner. 
  • Translate overall visions into realistic goals, by planning strategically, implementing results-based management systems, mitigating risks, and managing resources and funds successfully. 
  • Communicate effectively with staff, senior managers and peers. Build and maintain long-term partnerships with key stakeholders.
  • Adopt key practices and tools to ensure proper leadership and management of projects and programmes, delegate and monitor tasks easily, and deal with risks successfully.
  • Explain the key characteristics of UN leadership and support the adoption of leadership behaviours embodied in the UN System Leadership Framework. 
  • Apply various data analytics techniques including scoped data analysis, data visualization and storytelling, and predictive analytics in an ethical manner to address emerging UN needs and challenges.
  • Create a UN inter-agency peer network.
Course methodology

The learning experience is structured around the following components: 

  • A micro-learning experience characterized by small knowledge units (modules and micro-lessons) where participants consolidate and reflect on learnings through the creation of micro-content (multimodal forum replies, blog posts, etc.). 
  • Scenario-based learning exposing participants to real-life challenges and tasks of UN managers. 
  • Consolidation of takeaways through reflective practices and social learning to facilitate information exchange and peer-to-peer learning. 
Course contents

Through the corporate subscription, UNFPA personnel can enjoy unlimited access to a wide collection of specialized online modules.

UNSSC Extended E-Certificate on Leadership and Management (eCLM):  50+ curated online modules on management, leadership, and innovation in the UN.

eCLM curated learning paths: learning paths made up of a set of pre-determined eCLM modules that focus on key thematic areas. 

New modules on leadership and management-related topics will be periodically released and made available to corporate subscribers and their personnel throughout 2023. 

UNSSC E-Learning Path on Data Analytics: 10 specialized modules which provide a comprehensive and interactive overview of core data science concepts from descriptive to predictive analytics.

UNFPA colleagues can start at any time, choosing the learning components that best fit their needs and completing the modules and activities at their own pace, as well as sign up for upcoming new modules.

The learning offerings included in this programme are delivered through UNSSC's Blue Line e-learning platform.

Click HERE to access the course catalogue for an overview of the courses and paths available on the Blue Line.

Target audience

UNFPA personnel at all levels.  

Cost of participation

Free for UNFPA personnel (UNFPA’s corporate email domain is needed to finalize the registration).