In direct response to the call by UN Secretary-General António Guterres to reposition the UN development system to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and to work towards "a new generation of Country Teams that are tailored to the specific needs of each country", the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development is organizing executive courses on leadership skills for individual UN Country Teams.  

The UNCT Dream Team Leadership Training provides an exclusive opportunity for the UN Country Team (UNCT) to engage in a strengthened dialogue, collaborative learning and peer-exchange. The leadership training provides an open and safe space to unpack leadership challenges and opportunities for the UNCT to drive collective change towards new sustainable development partnerships, and to be an incubator for innovative ideas and joint leadership pilots. 

This allows the UNCT to be more effective in its engagement with stakeholders across government, civil society, academia, the private sector and the UN system towards a UN system that delivers impact that is larger than the sum of its parts in support of national priorities. 


The UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development contributes to the development of coherent approaches to sustainable development policy and practice through the development of learning tools, platforms for interaction, and a mature set of learning offerings.

It also serves as a catalyst and convener, prompting dialogue and knowledge sharing on issues relevant to the vision and mission of the United Nations, in concert with a diverse set of stakeholders from governments, academia, the private sector and civil society.

Supporting a generation of leaders who are steering the world in a more sustainable direction is an important tool to unlock the transformative potential of the 2030 Agenda

In this context, UNSSC designs tailored leadership programmes for UN Country Teams consistent with the demand by UN member states for the UN development system to reposition and accelerate its support to countries in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. The training is developed in line with national priorities and covers a wide range of topics regarding UN development system repositioning, integrated approaches to SDG implementation, as well as competencies and skills required to collectively define tailored country responses.


Keeping in mind specificities of each country context, the objectives of the UNCT Dream Team Training can include but are not limited to the following.

By the end of the UNCT Dream Team Leadership Training, participants should be able to: 

  • position and engage UN development system entities in country in order to accelerate action and delivery of the 2030 Agenda;  
  • exercise collaborative leadership behaviour, conducive to advancing a ONE UN response, which is greater than the sum of the parts and which advances sustainable development; 
  • identify opportunities for stakeholder engagement and build effective partnerships to support sustainable development in country;  
  • advocate more effectively for the UN’s collective value proposition.  
Course methodology

The Dream Team Leadership Training will be tailored to the UNCT's specific needs, and it can be conducted in the following formats:

  • Face-to-face: duration can be between 2.5 and 3.5 days
  • Online: flexible format throughout a maximum of 1 week, according to time zones

Inputs, reflections and sessions can include topics such as:

  • vision and principles of the 2030 Agenda
  • collaborative and agile UNCT leadership
  • systems thinking in a post-Covid 19 world
  • climate crisis and economic
  • transformation: what role for the UN?
  • design thinking and innovation
  • team building
  • partnerships
  • negotiation and political acumen
  • advocacy
  • executive media training and strategic
  • communication
  • contextualized UN development system repositioning and
  • the collective value proposition
Target audience

UN Country Teams

Cost of participation

This programme is subsidized by the German Government. For exact modalities and costs, please write to

Dr. Jihane Tawilah
WHO Representative to North Macedonia

As a World Health Organization (WHO)  representative, I strongly believe in the transformative power of the UN working in harmony at country level. I have also read a lot about UN reform, and  I am aware of the barriers that   stand in the way of making UN reform a meaningful reality at country level. Being able to openly share my views in a safe space  facilitated by an  instructor was great. It reassured me and allowed me to deal with my skepticism about UN reform.. ,

The Dream Team training helped me to learn more about UN reform. It  provided me  with a rich set of information andresources . Over and above this, I believe the main success factor of this training is that it is tailored to our needs. It also brings together highly experienced trainers and speakers who are knowledgeable about the topics that are covered. I have gained new skills and plan to move ahead with our joint commitment on actions for better performance as “One UN” at country level

Matteo Rosati
Programme Officer, UNESCO

The programme  helped me to advance my understanding of sustainable development. It is  well-crafted, well-delivered and has an, interdisciplinary approach to help participants unpack complex sustainable development issues.

In addition to this, the trainers had great interpersonal and technical skills. This  made for a  pleasant and constructive atmosphere during the workshop.It gave me an opportunity to network and build rapport  with colleagues who I was meeting for the first time, The networking opportunities stand out as a great added value for the programme.

Tatjana Colin
Head of UNICEF Office in Kuwait

I participated in the UNSSC’s Dream Team Leadership Training in November 2021 as a member of the UN Country Team (UNCT) in Kuwait. The training was excellent - the themes covered were relevant, the methodology used was engaging, energizing and dynamic- The presenters were friendly, technically strong, and exceptionally skilled to drive  active participation.  . The training definitely made our UNCT stronger, more cohesive, unified, and  informed about the programmes that are delivered by sister agencies. This has put us in a better position  to work together as one UN. I would strongly recommend this training to all UNCTs. Highest marks from me! I plan to implement all my learnings in my current role.

Dino Francescutti
FAO Sub-regional Coordinator for the GCC States and Yemen

The UNSSC Dream Team programmewas a very positive experience for me. The training team has  great people skills and   is highly responsible.. The  content is well curated and it provided me with new insights about the SDGs.  I found the  participatory sessions particularly interesting.  They  were well designed and conducted. The facilitators did a great job!

Nisreen Rubaian
UNHCR Representative in Kuwait

I truly enjoyed the UNCT Kuwait Dream Training which was organized by UNSSC. I want to specifically commend your creativity in delivering the information in a way that was so easy to understand  and absorb. It was clear to me that the facilitators have excellent knowledge of the subject as well as knowledge on how to ensure that all participants are  engaged. Thank you so much for your commitment, dedication and excellent skills.

Chakib Nemmaoui
Program Support Officer, IFAD, Morocco

Malgré que nous pensons connaitre ces principes de base du leadership pour mener à bien notre mission, il nous a été d'une trés grande utilité de revenir sur certaines definitions et sur la comprehension et l'analyse communes du role de l'UNCT dans le pays. Le professionalisme et l'engagement des animatrices, que je tiens à féliciter et remercier, étaient à plus d'un titre la clé de la réussite d'une telle formation.

(Although we thought we knew the basic  leadership principles needed to carry out our mission, it was very useful to go back over some definitions and the common understanding and analysis of the role of the UNCT in a country. The professionalism and commitment of the facilitators, whom I would like to congratulate and thank, were in many ways key to this successful training.)

Bariz Mehdiyev
Assistant Representative (Programme), FAO

UNSSC’s efforts to increase coherence across the United Nations contribute to a clearer understanding of its added value in achieving the 2030 Agenda and SDGs at country level.

Kanako Mabuchi
Head of RCO Azerbaijan

The UNCT Dream Team programme offered a fun way for the UN Country Team members to get to know each other at a much deeper level in a safe space. Many of the exercises were cleverly done. Full of AHA! moments!