The central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to take transformative steps to shift the world on to a more sustainable and resilient path. This can only be achieved if we progressively adopt more sustainable lifestyles. 

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In collaboration with the Sustainable Lifestyles Programme of UN Environment (UNEP), the UN System Staff College (UNSSC) is launching this pilot course to explore the concept of sustainable lifestyles, the values and beliefs that influence our daily choices, and the strategies that we can apply to create positive and long-lasting change towards sustainability in our lives. 


Are you a passionate advocate for sustainable lifestyles?

We invite you to apply to be part of a unique panel that will preview the content. Attend an exclusive session on a day of your choice (from 23 January 2023 to 25 January 2023) to share feedback and insights.

You can help us shape the narrative towards sustainable lifestyles by sharing your thoughts and expertise on this topic. 

All attendees will get a certificate of completion and a letter acknowledging their participation in the reviewers' panel.  

Selected participants will be notified by e-mail on 30 November 2022.

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Course methodology

UNSSC online courses are designed to deliver maximum learning outcomes through carefully chosen high-quality learning materials. 

This online course combines a self-paced study module with applied learning components, including case studies and interactive exercises. Participants will learn more about sustainable lifestyles, their connection with the 2030 Agenda and climate change, our current unsustainable path, and how we can generate change. The course presents case studies from various regions and sectors, applying the concept of sustainable lifestyles. Participants will learn about the key lifestyle "hotspots" and be invited to replicate sustainable initiatives in their communities.

UNSSC online courses give learners the opportunity to complete activities when it best fits their schedule. Participants are free to determine their own weekly study plan. Requiring three hours of study, the online course incorporates the same high academic rigour as any UNSSC face-to-face programme.  

Course contents

Self-Paced Module

  • Lesson 1: Why are we living in unsustainable ways?
  • Lesson 2: What are sustainable lifestyles?
  • Lesson 3: How can we drive lasting change?
  • Lesson 4: Sustainable lifestyles in action.

Feedback Session

Three-hour feedback sessions will give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and create a project on sustainable lifestyles. The sessions will be offered in three different time zones, and participants can choose their preferred option.

Target audience
Cost of participation

The pilot course is free of charge.