The UN System Staff College and the UN Environment Programme are proud to present the "My Sustainable Living Challenge” – an online gamified learning platform that channels learning towards behaviour change through actionable commitments.

This edition of the Challenge is offered in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

The English edition registrations close on 05 May 2023.

We are accepting registrations for the French, Spanish and Russian editions until 21 May 2023.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development introduced a paradigm that recognizes a sustainable future for all requires the participation of every member of society.

Adopting new initiatives and processes alone does not guarantee a shift in culture — unless efforts are made to change behaviours. Individual actions must work in conjunction with systemic change to ensure a sustainable future in which people can live a life of dignity and prosperity on a healthy planet.

Course contents

The “My Sustainable Living Challenge” takes learners on a six-week journey in an immersive environment, in which they learn about sustainability, system change, and the impact of their lifestyles across the domains of food, housing, mobility, consumption and leisure by participating in engaging weekly challenges.

Every week a new challenge presents thought-provoking content prepared in collaboration with experts from the UN Environment Programme, in an accessible and fun way. 

The weekly activities nudge participants to put their learning into practice through real-life actions. By enabling participants to share expertise and ideas with peers, the activities solidify commitments and accountability.

Target audience

We look forward to welcoming participants from the UN system and beyond to take the My Sustainable Living Challenge.

This edition of the Challenge is offered in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Cost of participation

The My Sustainable Living Challenge will be available to selected participants free of charge.