The Leadership, Women and the UN programme aims to promote the expansion and renewal of prevalent paradigms of leadership and ensure a more gender-balanced workplace across and beyond the UN system.

The programme is designed for highly experienced UN women professionals at P4-P5 levels. It unfolds as a journey to prepare a community of leaders to thoughtfully work through the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership roles. It empowers women leaders to promote a leadership culture that is paramount to implementing a transformational plan of action to achieve peace and prosperity across the globe. Click here to find out how our alumnae assessed the impact of the programme.

Participants will explore different leadership approaches and their situational application, gender and cultural dimensions, dynamics of power, influence and negotiation and deeper personal-professional coherence and self-awareness to develop a set of skills and competencies for transformative and charismatic leadership.

The programme will allow participants to gain direct insights into the leadership reflections of senior UN leaders and join a lively community of alumnae to exchange and learn from.



Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will:

  • Demonstrate a better understanding of different approaches to leadership, as well as gender aspects of leadership and challenges and opportunities for women in UN and international leadership roles;
  • Exercise greater self-awareness of individual strengths and areas for development, while exploring personal leadership style preferences to unlock their authentic leadership style through 360-degree leadership and personality assessment and coaching;
  • Apply an enhanced set of skills and competencies in communication for transformative and charismatic leadership, effective negotiation and influencing to act as change agents and contribute to a more agile and effective UN;
  • Implement personal leadership action plans with a focus on growth objectives;
  • Benefit from continued exchange with a strengthened system-wide network of women leaders and booster webinars.

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

The methodology of the programme is dynamic - combining interactive lectures by experts with discussion and consultation, practical exercises, peer-exchange and networking, individual and group reflection and follow-up community building initiatives.

The programme is delivered by an outstanding faculty composed of renowned speakers from different sectors: academic experts, practitioners, professional facilitators, and senior UN officials. In this manner, the Leadership, Women and the UN Programme encourages lateral thinking and cross-fertilization.

Watch our Knowledge Nugget video series in the Multimedia Gallery below for a glimpse into the faculty and the topics covered during the programme.

The programme consists of initial e-learning activities, such as pre-readings and a 360° degrees leadership and personality assessment, followed by a five-day face-to-face learning experience that includes theoretical and practical sessions.

Peer-Exchange is a key feature of the learning methodology as it allows for an exchange of experiences, challenges and best practices to collaboratively work on solutions in a safe and stimulating environment.

Daily reflection and journaling are an integral part of the face-to-face programme to achieve internalization and application of what has been learned. The five-day learning experience culminates in the finalisation of action plans where the learning is consolidated and the roadmap for its application defined.

After this intensive core week, coaching sessions are offered to help participants further aligning their leadership practice with their aspirations. Follow-up community building and learning activities will reinforce the transformational learning promoted by the programme.

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

Topics are curated by edition, the content explored usually includes:

  • Gender and Cultural Dimensions of Leadership;
  • Charismatic Leadership;
  • Gender and Effective Communication;
  • Political Acumen;
  • Leadership Influence and Strategic Negotiation;
  • Leading Change and Innovation.
  • Maximizing the Power Within
  • From Reflection to Action


Target Audience

Target Audience: 

Female UN staff at the P4-P5 level and other highly experienced female leaders preparing for senior leadership roles. By nomination and open enrolment.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

The fee of the programme is 5,500 USD. This covers programme material, access to the online UNKampus learning platform, pre-course materials and webinar, action plan, 360-degree leadership and personality assessment, 5-day face-to-face programme, coaching and alumnae network activities.


Impact & Testimonials

Are you wondering how effective the programme is and want to know its impact? Click here to explore the outcome of the impact assessment survey conducted in 2018, and discover 15 vignettes of transformation of our alumnae.

Watch the testimonial video from some of the recent alumnae and find out what the programme meant to them.


For full versions of the interviews, explore the Multimedia Gallery below.

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