The Leadership, Women and the UN Programme aims to promote the expansion and renewal of prevalent paradigms of leadership and ensure a more gender-balanced workplace across and beyond the UN System. Furthermore, key to the purpose of the programme is to advance the transformational, principled and inclusive leadership culture envisioned in the UN System Leadership Framework.

The programme gives you a unique opportunity to explore different leadership approaches and their situational application, the gender and cultural dimensions of leadership, dynamics of power, influence and negotiation, as well as deeper personal-professional coherence and self-awareness to develop a set of skills for transformative and charismatic leadership.

Past participants, UN women professionals at P4-P5 levels, have reported that thanks to the programme they were able to develop and strengthen a set of skills and competencies for increased leadership readiness and greater alignment between aspirations and growth:

Click here to find out how our alumnae assessed the impact of the programme or watch our Participants’ Testimonials Video Series in the Multimedia Gallery below.



Upon successful completion of the programme you will be able to:

  • Develop enhanced self-awareness and align leadership efforts with aspirations
  • Thoughtfully adopt varied leadership approaches in daily practices to better manage the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership roles
  • Demonstrate strengthened skills in effective communication, negotiation, and influencing for transformative leadership
  • Unlock your leadership potential and the one of your teams, while increasing the impact of your projects
  • Positively influence your organizational leadership culture
  • Join a lasting and supportive community of women leaders

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

The programme unfolds as a learning journey of four months across three phases (a preliminary phase, a core programme and a consolidation phase) and provides you with continuous learning opportunities upon completion.

1. Preliminary Phase

The preliminary phase is designed to promote individual awareness around leadership styles and approaches.

During this phase you can expect a total of three hours of individualized asynchronous learning through:

  • a short self-reflection questionnaire to prompt your initial thoughts on leadership needs, styles and aspirations and inform the delivery of the core modules;
  • 360-degree leadership and personality assessment to provide insights into individual leadership strengths and areas for further development;
  • an individual coaching session of 90 minutes to de-brief the results from the assessment and explore personal development goals

2. Core Programme

At the core of the learning journey lies an online learning experience that consists of four modules spanning across eight weeks.

Each module includes:

  • Preliminary Mandatory Activities (asynchronous) to promote understanding of concepts, theories and practice underpinning the synchronous session, and prompt experience-based knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Online Learning Experiences (synchronous) lead by experts or established leaders each one lasting between 60 to 120 min. During these live sessions, you will engage in highly interactive conversations and activities based on the material explored through the preliminary activities.
  • Consolidation Activities (asynchronous) to drive application and contextualisation of the learning acquired.
  • Recommended Zoom-in and Multimedia Resources (asynchronous) to deepen your learning journey, crystallise and share with your communities key messages from each session.

All asynchronous activities will be curated on a dedicated virtual space on UNSSC e-lounge learning platform, on which you will also be able to follow the progress of your journey with us.

The synchronous learning experiences will be conducted through Zoom web conferencing platform.

3. Consolidation Phase

The learning journey will conclude with a final phase where you will be supported for four weeks.

 In this phase you will further learning application through:

  • One individual coaching session (60 minutes)
  • Individual and collective “Leadership Commitment” activities
  • Final leadership reflections questionnaire and impact assessment

4. Alumnae Community

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be offered the possibility to become part of the vibrant LWUN Alumnae Community.

The community, comprised of over 500 women leaders from 75 duty stations across the world, provides a truly unique opportunity to further individual and collective leadership journeys, establish mutually beneficial knowledge sharing mechanisms, leverage on diverse expertise and skillsets, and forge partnership to promote a systemic renewal of leadership paradigms.

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

In this programme, you will be exposed to the following content:

  • Leadership Styles and Approaches;
  • Leading Change and Innovation;
  • Gender and Cultural Dimensions of Leadership;
  • Authentic and Inclusive Leadership;
  • Leadership Influence, Charismatic Leadership and Gender;
  • Political Acumen and Strategic Negotiation;
  • Managing Energy for Greater Leadership Alignment and Balance;
  • From Reflection to Action.

Watch our Knowledge Nugget Video Series in the Multimedia Gallery below for a glimpse into the faculty and the topics covered during the programme.

Target Audience

Target Audience: 

Female UN staff at the P4-P5 level and other highly experienced female leaders. By nomination and open enrolment.

To ensure an immersive and satisfactory learning experience, participants must:

  • Have access to a reliable high-speed Internet Connection
  • Be able to connect for group sessions via Zoom web conferencing platform
  • Commit to full participation in all virtual sessions (approx. 5h per module) and asynchronous mandatory activities (approx. 5h per module)

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

The fee for the programme is $5,000. The tuition covers all learning aspects across the varios learning phases:

  • individual 360-degree leadership and personality assessment
  • one individual coaching session (90 min)
  • 10 -12 interactive synchronous online learning experiences with experts, established leaders, expert facilitators and cohort participants
  • long-term and unlimited access to a curated online LWUN learning platform of your cohort
  • one follow-up individual coaching sessions (60 min)
  • long-term and unlimited access to the curated Alumnae Community Platform and all booster initiatives

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