Need to communicate data effectively? This practical and interactive short course will give you the skills to find, visualize and present data stories.



Geared to strengthening data visualization and storytelling skills, this short course is designed and delivered in partnership with Vizlogue, Data Visualization and Storytelling Lab. Highly interactive and practical, this short course will expose participants to real-world examples and exercises tailored to the UN context. 



Upon successful completion of this course, participants will learn:

  • The steps to select the right chart while considering the data, audience, and objective.
  • How to apply fundamental design principles to convey memorable insights and focus the audience’s attention.
  • How to declutter graphs and remove redundancy.
  • The process of telling stories with data in a static versus dynamic format.
Course methodology

This course is delivered online. Participants will have access to UNKampus, UNSSC’s Learning Platform, as well as a discussion forum and self-paced materials specifically curated for this course. 

Two webinars of 3 hours each will be conducted on Zoom. The webinars will take place on September 21 and September 28, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET. Participants need a computer (or mobile device), a reliable internet connection and either a headset with microphone to connect to the audio through a computer, or a telephone. We recommend accessing audio through the computer. No special software is required; but participants must be able to access Zoom. We will send access instructions to registered participants and recommend that you download the application and test your setup in advance.

Recordings and self-paced materials will be made available to all registrants for three months after the second webinar session. 






Course contents

Week 1: Make thoughful desing choices in data visualization

  • Steps behind data visualization
  • Art and craft of graphs
  • How to choose effective graph visuals
  • Principles and design options in data visualization

Week 2: Data storytelling

  • Decluttering in data visualization
  • How to focus attention
  • Storytelling techniques in data analysis
  • Static and dynamic formats in data storytelling


Target audience

This course is intended for beginners in data visualization and storytelling. It is geared to all interested UN personnel (professional and general service staff) at headquarters and field locations. If participants are interested in getting a full experience from the fundamentals to a more advance visualizations and storytelling techniques, we highly recommend to enrol simultaneously in Advanced Data Visualization and Storytelling - which is fully connected with this course.

Cost of participation

The fee for this short course is $500.