The programme is the perfect online solution for team leaders who want to reflect on their own change management practice, receive inspiration and insights in the dynamics of change and its impact on people. The programme provides an opportunity to develop parts of a change strategy and to receive individual coaching and feedback. The course deals with change triggers in the UN, diagnostic tools, role clarification, planning and implementing steps for change programmes. It also looks at ways to mitigate the impact of change on staff, and approaches to deal with resistance and emotions.



Upon successful completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand what drives change in the UN
  • Understand change models and the impact change has on staff
  • Understand how the bias of change managers impacts the way they address change
  • Learn practical steps to analyse the challenges of change and plan accordingly
  • Be able to proficiently use tools to facilitate change


Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

This course is delivered online. It combines synchronized sessions in our virtual classroom, led by subject matter experts, with self-paced activities and interactive group discussions.


The weekly synchronised sessions are conducted on the WebEx online platform. Participants need a computer (or mobile device), a reliable internet connection and either headset with microphone to connect to the audio through the computer, or a telephone. We recommend accessing audio through the computer. No special software is required, but participants must be able to access WebEx, so please check the admin rights on your computer. We will send instructions for WebEx access to registered participants. We recommend you download the application and test your access in advance.


The self-paced components and discussion forum for each week of the course are designed and structured on the UNKampus, UNSSC’s Learning Platform.

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

We combine theory with practical application tools, and provide tips and checklists for designing and managing change processes, predominantly at the team level. 

  • Week 1: Forces for change in the UN, tools to analyse trigger points
  • Week 2: The role of the Change Leader
  • Week 3: Planning for change
  • Week 4: Implementing change
  • Week 5: Dealing with the human impact of change, resistance to change and stress


Target Audience

Target Audience: 

Team Leaders, Supervisors, Programme/Project Managers, Senior Administration Staff, Coordinators at all levels who are responsible for implementing change processes in teams in the UN and partner agencies.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

USD 750

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