The HRP eCertification is a blended course designed to equip HR Partners in the UN global Secretariat with the knowledge and skills required to successfully perform their functions in the Umoja ERP system.

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The HRP eCertification course has been developed jointly between UNSSC and the Capacity Development and Operational Training Service (CDOTS) of the Department of Operational Support (DOS) in the UN Secretariat.

It has been designed to develop and equip a cadre of HR Partners in the UN global Secretariat with the knowledge and skills required to successfully perform their functions. It covers all areas pertinent to HR Partners’ work in the Umoja ERP system, and reviews the policy, process, decisions, and steps needed to effectively execute each action.

This course is meant for two types of participants: Certification Learners required to complete the mandatory training to apply for an HR Partner role in Umoja and Continuous Development Learners wishing to refresh their knowledge and existing skills or acquire new ones. Each of the two types of participants follows a dedicated learning path.


Upon completion of this course, with the help of available resources, participants should be able to:

  • execute core business processes,
  • apply rules and regulations to make correct decisions, and 
  • accurately complete system transactions.
Course methodology

The HRP eCertification includes self-paced courses offering bite-size learning across modules, and a unique experience with mentors for those pursuing certification:

Online lessons are short, scenario-based, and goal-oriented chunks that require learners to answer questions, make decisions, and perform HR Partners’ tasks using a variety of tools — exercises, video demos, resources and tips — with the help of virtual mentors.

Hands-on practice takes place in the Umoja training environment as independent activities or under the guidance and supervision of one or more real-life mentor(s) and includes the Skills Boosters and Step It Up! questions and assignments.

Course contents

The HRP eCertification currently consists of the following modules, each covering different topics related to: 

  • Introduction to the HR Partner eCertification course
  • Onboarding in Umoja
  • Personnel Administration: Movements
  • Movement-Related Entitlements
Target audience

Human Resources Partners in the UN global Secretariat