Apply and use data in your work! Learn how to influence decision-making through a strong command of accurate and timely data.

This three-week online course is designed to enhance your ability to access, use, interpret and communicate data.



The ability to make rapid and effective decisions based on accurate and timely data is more critical than ever. This three-week online foundational course is designed to enhance the ability of UN personnel to effectively apply and use data in their work. It is geared to those in research, analytics and reporting, as well as those who wish to expand their knowledge and ability to access, use, interpret and communicate data.






Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Debunk data myths
  • Identify different applications for data
  • Use data analytics to effectively tell a story
  • Understand the process of data analysis
  • Describe data biases and outline quality assurance strategies to prevent them 
Course methodology

This course has been designed in partnership with IE University faculty and the Vizlogue Lab. It combines live webinar sessions, led by subject-matter experts, with self-paced activities and interactive group discussions.

The weekly instructor-led webinars are conducted in the Zoom online platform. The webinars will take place on November 10th, November 17th and November 24th, from 15:00 to 16:30 CET. Participants need a computer (or mobile device), a reliable internet connection and either headset with microphone to connect to the audio through the computer, or a telephone. We recommend accessing audio through your computer. No special software is required; but participants must be able to access Zoom. We will send instructions for Zoom access to registered participants and recommend that you download the application and test your access in advance.

The self-paced components and discussion forum for each week of the course are designed and structured on UNKampus, UNSSC’s Learning Platform.

Course contents

Week 1: Data Basics

  • Describe the evolution of data
  • Understand the process from data to knowledge
  • Differentiate data from statistics
  • Apply basic descriptive statistical measures

Week 2: Essential Toolbox

  • Identify data paradoxes
  • Describe different types of data
  • Identify data paradoxes
  • Apply key principles in data visualization and data storytelling

Week 3: Decision making

  • Identify biases and noisy environments in data decision making
  • Use data to fight misconceptions
  • Describe data informed and data driven approaches in decision making


Target audience

All UN personnel (professional and general service staff) at headquarters and field locations.

Cost of participation

The course fee is $750