UNSSC learning programmes enable participants to explore challenges, relationships and tools, as well as good leadership and management practices. Coaching helps participants gain insights that enable them to be more effective in attaining their goals or in shaping their vision.


The coaching package for UNSSC alumni offers the opportunity to continue the coaching participants started while attending one of our programmes. Or, if alumni attended a programme with no coaching, the coaching package is on opportunity to venture along a brand-new coaching journey.

Coaching is a learning process: it changes the way we observe ourselves and others or engage in a specific situation. We work on ourselves together with the coach.

  • Define gaps you want to address
  • Explore your resources and barriers
  • Develop actions
  • Come to your own conclusions on your areas of development
Course methodology

Our coaching services are delivered by highly experienced and credentialed coaches who work in our programmes. You can benefit from tailored one-on-one coaching sessions, to discuss and find meaningful learning while working to reach your goals and vision.

If you have already worked with one of our coaches in previous programmes, you can request to work with the same one. If this is your first coaching experience, we will contact you after your enrolment has been approved in order to pair you with one of our coaches, according to your specific needs.

You can choose between these two coaching packages for UNSSC Alumni:

  • 180 minutes of coaching (3 sessions of 1 hour each)
  • 300 minutes of coaching (5 sessions of 1 hour each)

The coaching is completely individualized for you and confidential and will be delivered online (Skype, Zoom, telephone, etc.).

Course contents

Please be aware of our coaching policy on scheduling and cancellation:


  • It is the responsibility of the Coaches to reach out to their Coachee to schedule the coaching sessions.
  • Coaches are expected to make a minimum of 3 attempts in writing to communicate with the Coachee to schedule the session.
  • If the Coaches’ efforts do not successfully result in the scheduling of the session, UNSSC will make contact with the Coachee advising of the deadline for replying and scheduling of the session in order to avoid forfeiting a session.
  • If the above efforts do not result in a coaching session being scheduled and undertaken within the agreed time frame, the Coachee will forfeit a coaching session. If coaching sessions of differing lengths of time are planned as part of the programme, the session of lesser time that has yet to take place will be forfeited.


  • Coachees are allowed a maximum of two cancellations per coaching session.
  • Coachees must give their assigned Coach 24 hour cancellation notice prior to their scheduled session.
  • In the event that participants have exhausted the allowance of re-scheduling their sessions, or they no-show or cancel their session with less than 24 hours' notice, the Coachee will forfeit a session.
  • Exceptional circumstances will be dealt with on a case by case basis, in consultation in the Coach and Coachee.
Target audience

This activity is specifically targeted to alumni who attended one or more of our programmes (online, blended or face-to-face). Alumni at all levels are welcome.

In order for us to better tailor the coaching offer to your needs, kindly reply to these questions in the "Motivation" field when you enrol online:

  • Have you ever been coached before?
  • If you have been coached before as part of one of our programmes, would you like to be assigned the same coach?
  • What is your preferred language for coaching?
  • Please state the preferred time zone for the coaching.
Cost of participation

The activity fee is $1200 for the 300 minute-package

Jean Wabo
Chief Training Officer, Integrated Mission Training Centre, MINUSCA Bangui, Central African Republic

The coaching experience was very exciting. It revealed my leadership style and framed a step-by-step guide to effectively deal with work-life balance.

The coaching was like a spring board to regain confidence. It helped me to enhance innovation and partnership building at the work place using participative leadership approach.

Maria Gema Cortes Regano
Director of Public Information Division, MINUSMA, Bamako, Mali

I have dramatically improved my active listening, which is impacting my leadership results and is building trust with my staff. Co-creating a vision with my team motivates them and aligns everyone towards a common goal. 

Coaching has allowed me to use more of my talent and potential, increasing my creativity and learning. I feel more motivated and I have improved my performance and productivity. The coach was very committed to my development. I believe I have just started a personal and organizational change that will continue in my future career.

Anne-Maria Fenner
Information Officer, UNEP, Panama City, Panama

The coaching sessions changed my life. I started to take positive steps towards better job satisfaction and life-work balance. The coaching was really beneficial. I was very impressed with my coach and I will continue to implement her advice