Become a professional trainer. This six-module self-paced course provides a comprehensive look at the role and function of a trainer. This self-paced online course gives participants the tools and techniques for a systematic approach to training others effectively.


Successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals require a transformational change, a new way of working and a mindset change. To make these happen, we need new skills, values and attitudes. This imperative has put the onus on the education system and training providers to design learning activities with relevant learning objectives and learning content with sound pedagogical principles and methodologies that empower learners. The 2030 Agenda makes this explicit by making education a goal by itself - SDG 4. This emphasizes the importance of learning and training as a means to achieve the SDGs.

This self-study online course gives participants the tools and techniques for a systematic approach to training others effectively.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the trainer
  • Recognize differences among learners
  • Identify various learning styles.
  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Incorporate training methods to address varying learning styles
  • Write action-oriented, measurable learning objectives
  • Write an instructional plan
  • Select appropriate instructional methods based on the content and objectives
  • Determine training materials needed for a training application
  • Describe typical visual aids and their use
  • Deliver training in a positive and interactive way
  • Manage a group of participants in the classroom
  • Develop an evaluation plan


Course methodology

This course is delivered entirely online. It is a self-paced course that participants can start at any time and complete activities at their own pace. Once started, from the date of receiving login, the participant is required to complete all activities within four months. Once completed, they will be required to complete the end-of-course questionnaire and get a certificate. There is no weekly webinar in this course.

Course contents

The course is structured with the following topics:

Topic 1: Role of a trainer and understanding adult learners

Topic 2: Conduct a Needs Assessment and Writing Learning Objectives.

Topic 3: Designing and Developing Training Programmes

Topic 4: Developing Training Materials

Topic 5: Delivering Effective Training

Topic 6: Evaluating Training and Conclusion

Target audience

This course is for anyone involved in organizing learning and training events to develop others. It is geared to trainers, facilitators, managers, leaders, resource persons, instructors, etc.

Cost of participation

The course fee of $500 covers full participation in the online course.