The course provides participants with hands-on practice, tools and techniques for converting existing face-to-face instructor-led training into effective online instructor-led and self-paced courses. The course teaches how to design and facilitate engaging and collaborative learning experiences in virtual classroom environments using widely available solutions.



Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain three e-learning/online course options
  • Choose appropriate tools for content development
  • Review and re-compose learning objectives
  • Select appropriate instructional methods for online learning based on the content and objectives
  • Use appropriate e-learning authoring and instructional video development tools.
  • Design a sample course in Moodle

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

The course is delivered entirely online.

The course will take five weeks with two webinar sessions per week. Each week, participants will go through a number of assigned modules and reading materials, complete weekly assignments and exercises, and participate in discussion forums to share experiences, questions and comments, as well as receive feedback from the instructors.

The webinar sessions will be conducted through Zoom web conferencing platform. Course activities and the weekly discussion forum will be available on the UNKampus, UNSSC’s Learning Platform.

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

The online course will cover topics such as:

Week 1: Analysing a face-to-face course for conversion to an e-learning/online course

a.  Conversion methods and rapid e-learning/online course development tools
b.   Conduct content analysis for an e-learning project

Week 2Designing self-paced modules and instructor-led online delivery formats

a.   Write performance objectives
b.   Choose appropriate instructional strategies, media and learning methods
c.   Determine e-learning level of interaction and create a prototype

Week 3Developing the course components and modules

a.    Choose and use appropriate e-learning developments tools:

  • Self-paced authoring tools
  • Training video production tools
  • Audio production tools

b.   Produce a sample self-paced module using appropriate production tools

Week 4Deploying courses in Moodle and Facilitating Instructor-led Online Courses

a.     Structuring courses in Moodle
b.     Facilitating instructor-led synchronous sessions in virtual classrooms

Target Audience

Target Audience: 

This course is for anyone involved in organizing learning and training events to develop others. These may include trainers, facilitators, managers, leaders, specialists, resource persons, instructors, etc.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

The cost of participation is $1,000.

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