Snails in my pockets

2022, 8 pillows made with recycled cotton, Essential oil, 20 x 40 cm each

Elektra Stampoulou is a visual artist and researcher who employs time-dependent procedures and olfactory components, drawing unexpected associations between humans and non-humans. Attempting a human rapprochement with natural scents and odors, Stampoulou plays with the olfactory molecule of geosmin to recall the fragrance of Petrichor – the pleasant earthy scent that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. Some scientists believe that humans appreciate the scent of rain because our ancestors had relied on rainy weather for survival. Stampoulou has sewn a series of eight pillows made from recycled cotton and sprinkled them with the diluted soaked-earth fragrance of geosmin. Visitors are invited to take a pillow, put it on their chair, close their eyes, and immerse themselves in the free play of childhood memories and relaxation. At the same time, the work raises awareness about the impact of climate change on the rain cycle.

Elektra Stampoulou (Athens, Greece, 1987) is a visual artist, researcher, and PhD candidate of Athens School of Fine Arts. Employing time-dependent procedures, often tactile and olfactory components, she attempts to explore shared experience, forgotten memories, human and more-than-human agency.