2022, 70 packets with 4 grams of nongredient (golden algae powder) each

Lucy Chinen is an artist and co-founder of nonfood, a food company researching sustainable nutrition whereby food is produced and delivered in a way that is mindful of its effect on people, planet and society. Both ancient and futuristic algae are the most resilient crop on Earth. An algae-rich diet is a sustainable choice for the environment and an adventurous taste to reintroduce to the human palate. The ‘nongredient’ is a micro-algae-based food that provides vegan protein, omega-3 and other essential nutrients. The golden chlorella powder packaged by Chinen is a convenient ready-to-eat spice for meals or snacks. Nongredient has a uniquely mild and savory umami flavor that can be added to a variety of meals.

Lucy Chinen (Los Angeles, USA, 1987) is an artist and co-founder of nonfood, a micro-algae-based food company, and researcher on food tech in relation to climate change. ​​​