UN Leadership Culture Assessment Tool


"Now, more than ever then, we need the United Nations to truly lead on these issues, to be a defender of peace, justice and universal values; to be the place where effective collective measures for the prevention of conflict are taken; and to do its part to ensure that indeed no one is left behind. We need to break down our silos and fully embrace a new way of working to better connect our work across efforts at sustaining peace, human rights, sustainable development, and humanitarian action. For this we need visionary and principled UN leadership – across the system."

(Chief Executives Board, 18 April 2017)

Why the UN Leadership Culture Assessment tool?

What is the UN Leadership Culture Assessment tool?

Be part of a Group of Visionary Leaders

The complexities and challenges of the 21st century require us to re-imagine and reflect on what UN leadership is called to be. Staying true to the values and principles enshrined in the UN Charter, while being adept at charting complex spaces with agility, inclusivity and creativity, anchored in systems-thinking, is the need of the hour.

The UN System Leadership Framework does just that – a call to action and a call for change for all UN personnel. It exemplifies a unified approach to leadership for UN agencies, funds and programmes, and serves as a compass to guide us in our approach to nurture and develop current and future UN leadership.

To bring this critical Framework to life, however, requires the concerted efforts of ownership by UN senior leaders, active engagement and involvement of staff at all levels and overall organisational alignment.

The UN Leadership Culture Assessment Tool hopes to serve as an enabling instrument in this endeavour to move closer to the ideal of leadership envisioned in the UN System Leadership Framework.

What is the UN Leadership Culture Assessment tool?

The UN Leadership Culture Assessment Tool was developed by UNSSC in partnership with McKinsey & Company using a rigorous competency mapping process, ensuring adherence to reliability and validity parameters, and the highest quality standards.

The comprehensive tool gauges behaviours linked with the Nine Principles and Four Ways of Working outlined in the UN System Leadership Framework. It enables participating agencies, funds, and programmes to measure how teams within their organization demonstrate the leadership framework competencies, while providing an aggregate picture of the organisation’s leadership culture to benchmark against the Framework.

Be part of a Group of Visionary Leaders

Partnering with UNSSC, to bring the UN Leadership Culture Assessment Tool to your team and organization is the beginning of a transformational leadership journey. Participating teams and organisations can get a bird’s eye view of their performance on key indicators, representative of their leadership culture. This is complemented with an in-depth debriefing and visioning exercise with your organisation’s senior leadership team and change management experts from UNSSC and McKinsey & Company, to translate the results into an inspirational call for action.

UNSSC remains committed to being your partner and can collaborate with you on this, as well as additional tailored interventions, to further the journey you have begun.