Interview with Geoff Parcell and Chris Collison on the present and future of KM in the UN system

“How do you eat an elephant? One chunk at a time!” answered Chris Collison when asked about the key to expanding the use of effective knowledge management (KM) practices in the UN system. 
Geoff Parcell and Chris Collison were some of the resource persons engaged by the UNSSC to deliver a workshop on knowledge management as part of a new curriculum: Think UN, Act Smart: Leveraging experience and good practice. 

This programme seeks to build capacity at the management and specialist levels to apply proven KM techniques to achieve better results. 

Geoff and Chris are co-authors of “Learning to fly” and “No more consultants”, considered key reference books by knowledge practitioners around the world. During an informal conversation after the workshop, Geoff and Chris shared their views on the present and future of KM and gave some pointers on how the UN system could make better and targeted use of KM tools to increase its effectiveness. 

Geoff Parcell referred to the perception that high-level strategies and senior management involvement are necessary to advance (often argued when discussing barriers to greater KM adoption) by encouraging all of us to act. “Leadership is an activity”, he reminded, and “everybody has the ability to make a difference”. 

Listen to the complete interview

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