Board of Governors

UNSSC Board of Governors

As stated in the UNSSC Statute, the Board of Governors is responsible for:

(a) Formulating general policy for the activities of the Staff College;

(b) Considering the work programme and budget, on the basis of proposals submitted by the Director of the Staff College.

(c) Considering ways and means of enhancing the financial resources of the Staff College with a view to ensuring the effectiveness and continuity of its operations;

(d) Evaluating the activities of the Staff College and their impact and reporting thereon to the Chief Executives Board;

(e) Submitting an annual report to the Chief Executives Board.

In 2009, a newly appointed Board of Governors took office, following a process of reforms aimed at guaranteeing a more accountable and predictable governance structure. Board Members are appointed by the Secretary-General for a two-year period, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

The UNSSC Board meets annually.

Members of the UNSSC Board


Mr. Edmond Mulet Chef de Cabinet, EOSG

Members (alphabetical order):            

Ms. Janice Dunn Lee, Deputy Director-General and Head of the Department of Management, IAEA   
Mr. Getachew Engida, Deputy Director-General, UNESCO 
Mr. Tegegnework Gettu, Associate Administrator, UNDP 
Mr. Navid Hanif, Director Office of ECOSOC Support and Coordination, UNDESA           
Mr. Elliot Harris, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the New York Office, UNEP
Mr. Manoj Juneja, Assistant Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, WFP             
Ms. Jane Stewart, ILO Special Representative to the United Nations and Vice-Chair of the HLCP,ILO        
Ms. Carole Wainaina, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources Management, OHRM

Ex-officio Members:

Mr. Jafar Javan, Director, UNSSC
Mr. Nikhil Seth, Executive Director, UNITAR         
Ms. Simona Petrova, Acting Secretary and Director of the CEB