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This Individual Coaching and Clinic Exercise aims at providing UN personnel with tools and techniques to design effective communication campaigns to support programmatic initiatives. Participants in this online course will work on practical examples and case study on how to set communication goals and objectives...

“A Diplomatic protocol is a form of manifestation of good manners between nations”. – John W. Campbell  

Modern diplomacy has many forms. It is both context-specific and culture-specific: what works in one national capital or international...

The UNSSC is proud to announce that Ms. Thoraya Obaid, one of our most senior faculty, has been honoured with the UN Population Award. Ms. Obaid has regularly contributed to the UNSSC’s courses and learning events over the years. In particular, she has played the important role of mentor for senior...

NEW YORK – In 2014, the UN System Staff College reached a total of over 16,000 UN staff, equipping them with knowledge and appropriate tools to work towards a common goal of making the global organization more coherent, efficient and effective. This figure represents a historical peak for the College headquartered...


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