Change outside and within the UN is the new constant. The UN must become adept at managing it.

The world is changing, and with it the demands on the United Nations. To deliver on the expectations of the international community, the UN needs to transform itself.

In support of the transformation, Secretary-General António Guterres has launched farreaching reform initiatives. Furthermore, Agenda 2030 requires all stakeholders, including the UN, to change the way they work.

But is the UN system ready for change?

Our Strategy

UNLOCK tackles the UN’s organizational culture head on. It aims to foster a culture of change in the UN system by strengthening the capabilities of UN staff, systems and processes for change and innovation..

What we do

Advisory Services: we provide change management advisory services to UN entities to support teams and whole organizations on their change processes.

Learning Programmes: we deliver learning programmes to UN staff at all levels to build capacity to lead, manage and cope with change.

Case Studies: we publish case studies to share best practices and lessons learnt on driving change and innovation in the UN.

Networks: we build and maintain networks of change agents across the UN system to share knowledge and foster collaboration for change.

About us

UNLOCK is an incubator of ideas and a platform for collaboration for all UN organizations.

It builds on 15 years of proven training and learning expertise of the United Nations System Staff College and draws from more than 10 years of consulting services and over 500 client engagements of the Management Consulting Team at UNDP.