Innovation is critical to the survival of the UN system. The Young UN innovation Programme was born out of a UN System Staff College/Young UN/Google partnership, all bound by a common aim: to create a critical mass of staff with capacity to deliver innovation and change across the UN system. This two-day program enables participants to identify the critical elements of innovation processes, and drive change and innovation within their respective agencies and fields.  


  • Describe the critical of elements of the innovation process
  • Explain the importance of and purpose of innovation and change in the daily work
  • Work on Young UN identified innovation challenges that address Young UN concerns
  • Enable participants to use the Young UN innovation Programme to drive change and innovation within their respective agencies and fields
  • Identify and determine the methodology on innovation and change

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

This interactive programme will be delivered during 2 days. International experiences, cases and examples will be delivered, creating an enabling environment for innovation. It will combine theoretical lessons, demonstration, group work, practical exercises and simulation. The programme will be very practical, hands-on also be a good opportunity to network.

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

The intensive two-day programme is a result of a partnership between the UN System Staff College, Google’s global innovation team and Young UN initiative’s members.

Google’s expertise and proven track record in fostering a culture of innovation is coupled with the Staff College’s knowledge of the United Nations system and its know-how in delivering inter-agency learning.

Young UN is a global network of professional working over UN Departments, Agencies, Funds and Programs. Young UN aim is to identify and promote innovative ideas that will enable the UN to fully embody the principles it stands for.

The partnership with Young UN provides several mutual advantages. First and foremost, it will lead participants to work on Young UN identified innovation challenges that address Young UN concerns, providing several outcomes: trained innovators; possible solutions to Young UN’s concerns; and commitment to implementation of solutions. Moreover, participation in the sprints would help build capacity of Young UN participants for innovation and to stimulate the interest in and use of innovation within the UN system. Finally, the programme will serve as a platform for Young UN to harness members and build a stronger network across all key UN duty stations.

Target Audience

Target Audience: 

We are looking for UN staff at all levels with an interest in innovation and/or a track record of innovation within or outside the UN.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

The fee amounts to USD 1000 per participant.
Possibility for Young UN members to have a discount on the total price.
Please, do not forget to specify your Young UN membership status when you subscribe.

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